• Dismantled machine, cleaned, prepped for rebuild

  • Way ground bed ways to “0” with a clean like new finish

  • Scraped and aligned saddle to bed using turcite to keep centerline true replacing all metal that was machined and scraped

  • Scraped and aligned crosslide to top of saddle

  • Scraped and aligned compound slide

  • Ground and refit all binders

  • Scraped and fitted all gibs ensuring full adjustment

  • New way wipers to keep machine ways debris free

  • Cleaned and flushed lubrication making sure all lube lines were replaced as needed and new meters installed for proper oil flow to entire machine

  • New lead screws, thrust bearings, and seals installed on all axis’s

  • Sanded and painted machine

  • Reassembled machine back to spec

  • Powered up and test cut parts giving this Leblond lathe a better than new quality