• Disassemble complete machine

  • Grind bed ways, upper and lower

  • Scrape and align headstock base to bed ways

  • Supply and install turcite to bottom of saddle ways, keeping saddle square to spindle

  • Way grind top of "X" axis ways

  • Scrape, flake and master bottom ways of cross slide to saddle

  • Way grind "Y" axis ways

  • Precision align "Y" axis to original factory tolerance

  • Scrape and flake "X", "Y" and "Z" axis gibs. Upon completion, gibs to have full adjustment

  • Scrape and master tailstock to bed way keeping parallel to spindle and spindle center line

  • Align turret to spindle center line

  • Scrape and align ball screw brackets for flatness ("X", "Y", and "Z" axis)

  • Precision align "X","Y", and "Z" axis ball screws 

  • Replace all lubrication meters and lines as required to assure proper lubrication to all required areas

  • Install new way wipers

  • Reassemble and test all machine functions