• Supplied heavy duty gantry for removal of X, Y, and Z slides from machine. Z axis ballscrew was removed and prepped for shipment to be rebuilt

  • Picked up cross slide and saddle from customer

  • Way ground Y axis slide to spec

  • Way ground X axis ways to spec

  • Precision aligned X axis slide to saddle

  • Scraped X axis slide to top of Y axis to ensure a tight precision stack

  • Scraped Z axis slide ensuring everything is square and paralell

  • Ground and refit binders after machine was scraped ensuring a tight like new fit

  • Refitted all Gibs with Turcite giving them max adjustment and the longest possible lifespan

  • Surveyed all ballscrews and they are rebuilt upon customers request before reassembling

  • Replaced all thrust bearings and seals ensuring smooth accurate movements

  • Cleaned and flushed entire lubrication system. New lines and meters are installed to assure proper lubrication to all required areas

  • Cleaned and polished bed ways

  • Scraped and aligned Y slide to bed

  •  Reassembled machine, tested all machine functions, ready for customer to demo and run test cuts before putting machine back into full production