• All units cleaned and inspected for damage and wear

  • Way ground saddle ways

  • Removed old turcite from bottom of table

  • Supplied and installed new turcite to bottom of table

  • Resurfaced top of table

  • Scraped, and flaked the table to top of saddle ways keeping four corners “0” and key slot parallel to saddle master way on table

  • Scraped and flaked gibs and binders on table ensuring maximum adjustment

  • Removed old turcite from bottom of saddle. Prepped and installed new turcite

  • Leveled machine and surveyed Bed Ways

  • Scraped and flaked master saddle to bed ways for flat and parallel fit

  • Sent X and Y ballscrews out for refurbishment

  • Scraped and flaked gibs and binders giving maximum adjustment to gibs

  • Precision aligned and installed all ballscrews using new thrust bearings and seals

  • Installed new way wipers

  • Inspected and repaired lubrication system assuring proper oil flow to all required areas.  Installed new lines and flow meters as required

  • Set roller switches, proximity switches, home position, backlash and tool changer to manufacturer’s specifications

  • Tested all machine functions before sending machine back into full production

Hand Scrap
Precision Scraping