• Dismantled machine tool

  • Cleaned and visually inspected all units

  • All components readied for customer’s inspections

  • Machine, scraped, ground and fit all quoted ways surfaces to full bearing, assuring longer life of all necessary components

  • Way ground bed ways

  • Scraped and aligned headstock base to bed, keeping parallel to ways

  • Way ground “X” axis ways

  • Scraped and aligned “X” axis slide to “Z” axis bed ways, keeping parallel and square to bed ways

  • Scraped and flaked all gibs in “Z” axis, leaving maximum adjustment

  • Scraped ATC slide to “X” axis slide, keeping parallel and square to spindle center line

  • Scraped and flaked all gibs in “X” axis, leaving maximum adjustment

  • Scraped, flaked and mastered tail stock to bed way, maintaining spindle center line

  • Rebuilt “X” and “Z” axis ball screw and nuts

  • Supplied and installed thrust bearings in “X” and “Z” axis

  • Realigned “X” and “Z” axis ball screw parallel to axis ways

  • Cleaned and checked hydraulic system

  • Replaced damaged or defective hydraulic lines

  • Surveyed hydraulic pump and motor

  • Cleaned, inspected, repaired lubrication system in areas of repair, assuring proper oil flow to all required areas

  • Replaced damaged or defective lube lines and installed new flow units

  • Supplied and installed new spindle belts

  • Supplied and installed new way wipers



  • Replaced seals

  • Surveyed pocket and pin

  • Precision aligned to center line of spindle

  • Megered all axis motor

  • Assembled and test machine

  • Set all prox switches, roller switches, roller switches back last comp. tool eye

  • Checked “droop” and “gain” of all axis

  • Machine tool was demonstrated for personnel at Precision Service facility

  • All alignment met or exceeded those of the O.E.M.