• Dismantled machine tool

  • Cleaned and visually inspected all units

  • Way ground bed ways

  • Scraped and aligned headstock base to bed, keeping parallel to master way

  • Scraped and aligned saddle to bed using turcite to keep machine centerline true

  • Scraped and flaked all gibs, ensuring max adjustment

  • Scraped ATC slide to X axis slide, keeping slide parallel and square to spindle center line

  • Scraped and flaked tail stock to master bed way, maintaining spindle center line

  • Installed rebuilt ballscrews, thrust bearings, and seals

  • Cleaned and flushed hydraulic system

  • Replaced all corroded and damaged hydraulic lines

  • Surveyed hydraulic pump and motor

  • Cleaned and inspected lubrication system for any flaws or damaged areas that need repair, assuring proper oil flow to all required areas

  • Replaced damaged and defective lube lines, installed all new oil meters

  • Supplied and installed new spindle belts

  • Supplied and installed new way wipers