• Dismantled Machine tool

  • After cleaning all components and structural castings were carefully inspected for over-all condition

  • Machine, scraped, ground and fit all quoted way surfaces to full bearing, assuring longer life of all necessary components

  • Surveyed Headstock spindle found no lift check out good

  • Headstock gears, pinions, input shafts and pulleys were surveyed for excessive wear, cracks and other defects

  • Found input shaft keys were worn, replaced with new with new bearings

  • Ground bed ways and clamping areas

  • Scraped bottom of headstock base to the bed ways

  • Supplied and installed turcite to bottom of saddle ways

  • Hand scraped saddle to bed, keeping saddle square to spindle

  • Way ground top of “X” axis ways removing worn area

  • Scraped, flake bottom ways of cross slide to saddle

  • Scraped and flaked “X” and “Z” axis gibs to have full adjustment

  • Tailstock quill was refitted for proper fit to housing

  • Replaced tailstock seals and bearings

  • Installed turcite to tailstock base 

  • Scraped tailstock to bed way keeping parallel to spindle and spindle center line

  • Installed all new seals, packings and bearings in both turrets

  • Aligned front and rear turret to spindle center line



  • Sent out “X” and “Z” axis ballscrews to be reconditioned

  • Installed thrust bearings in “X” and “Z” axis

  • Scraped and aligned ball screw brackets for flatness (“X” and “Z” axis)

  • Precision aligned “X” and “Z” axis ball screws

  • Cleaned hydraulic systems, replaced filters and all sight glasses

  • Replaced all lubrication meters and lines as required to assure proper lubrication to all required areas

  • Installed all new way wipers

  • Painted machine standard Mazak color code