• Dismantled machine tool

  • Cleaned and visually inspected all parts

  • All component readied for customer’s inspection

  • Machine, scraped, flaked and fitted all quoted way surfaces to full bearing, assuring longer life of all necessary components

  • Lathe tested spindle for concentricity and alignment

  • Repaired spindle bearing lands

  • Supplied and installed spindle bearings our datum point

  • Scraped and flaked column ways flat and parallel

  • Scaped, flaked and master spindle assembled to column ways, indicating 4 points “0”

  • Scraped and flaked bed ways flat and parallel to spindle

  • Scraped, flaked and mastered bottom saddle ways to bed ways

  • Scraped and flaked table flat and parallel to our master granite plate

  • Scraped, flaked and mastered table ways to top of saddle ways

  • Repaired Gibs

  • Scraped, flaked and mastered all gibs and clamps

  • Cleaned, inspected and repaired lubrication system in areas of repair, assuring proper oil flow to all required areas

  • Supplied and installed all screws and nuts

  • Rebuilt table cylinders

  • Hydraulic system was cleaned and flushed

  • All hydraulic lines damaged, or fittings were replaced with new