Hand scraping may be considered a lost art, but at Precision Service we understand the value and importance behind machine geometry and accuracy. We take pride in our service technicians with a combined total of 250 years of scraping experience.

Bringing Your Machine Back to New Factory Tolerance

Our hardworking technicians are expertly trained with Turcite, Rulon, ZX-199, Moglice and Phenol. They are able to determine which material is needed for each specific machine, and then implement the service flawlessly. The proper application of these various way materials provide your machine with the following advantages:

  • Delivers tight tolerances due to geometric precision that aligns components within a millionth of an inch

  • Ensures that the components of a machine's foundation are mated perfectly for an unparalleled accuracy and longevity

  • Creates ideal flatness, which removes rocking or chattering in parts

  • Develops oil pockets, which hold oil on mated surfaces and reduces sticking

  • Precision Service can restore machine tool geometry and center heights back to original OEM spec onsite at your facility with our 12 month warranty, offering peace of mind.