Alignment Issues: How to Detect and Fix Them

Due to constant use and wear, machines begin to develop alignment issues over time. The severity of these issues varies greatly, but the best advice for correcting the problem is to make sure you get it fixed as soon as you notice the issues. If you do not get your machine checked on a regular basis (the recommended machine maintenance time periods vary and should be listed in your machine manual) the issues will only worsen over time, which will result in costly repairs.

Alignment issues are easy to notice. Typically, the machine will produce inaccurate components, which is easily detected by your machine’s operators. If you have an indicator, checking the alignment of your machine is simple and can be done by machine operators. If you have suspicions that your machine’s alignment is off the best thing you can do is call a machine tool repair shop as soon as possible.

The most common cause of alignment issues is normal wear. The only 100% effective way to correct this is by hand scraping and cleaning the entire machine. This task is not easy and should only be performed by professionals. However, this lost art is very limited in the amount of professionals who perform it. Finding an experienced professional you can trust with your machine can be hard, but Precision Service MTR is the number one company trusted to perform hand-scraping maintenance. Check out this hand scraping demo by clicking here. Hand scraping is also the only way to get your machine back to new factory standards and assure complete accuracy of your machine. Hand scraping also saves you thousands of dollars because it is a highly beneficial preventative maintenance technique. Machines experience alignment issues very frequently and it is nothing to be highly concerned about, as long as the issues are corrected shortly after they arise. If you notice any signs of alignment issues (primarily faulty production) call 1-800-4-REBUILD for a free quote to save money and extend the life of your machine.

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