Operating a Machine Tool Safely and Efficiently

In the beginning of their career, all machine tool operators learn safety procedures and proper operational techniques for running machines. However, it is easy to become comfortable operating the machines and forget important precautions.

It is essential to remember that machine tools, regardless how big or small they might be, are still machines. It’s no secret that these specific types of machines consist of sharp and hard pieces that can cause injury. If it can cut metal, it can cut you! For this reason, it is vital to use proper operation techniques.

Safety Tips:

  1. Always wear protective glasses

  2. Use hearing protection

  3. Wear protective gloves

  4. Wear steel toed work boots

  5. Clean up after using the machine

  • Not only does this protect you, but also others who may use the machine after you

  • Clean up scraps of materials from the floor and surrounding area. A scrap piece of wood or sawdust on the floor can be hazardous and cause people to fall

  1. Keep a safe distance between yourself and the bit at all times

  • Leaving six inches of space will allow you to be close enough to work but far enough away to prevent your hand or your body from injury

  1. Never leave the room while machine is running

  • Although machines can operate alone, you should always be within sight of the machine in case an issue arises

  1. If your machine comes with safety interlocks, DO NOT disengage them, they are there for a reason

  2. If you notice something wrong with your machine, notify management immediately

  • Continuing to use a damaged machine only causes more issues and can be very dangerous!

  • Machine operators are the most important people in discovering machine faults and bring them to attention

Even the most experienced professionals need to make sure they are being as safe as possible. These simple safety measures can protect you from short-term and long-term injuries. Always remember that accidents happen and no one is perfect.

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