Hand Scraping is Vital to Extend the Life of Your Machine

If you’re familiar with the machine tool world, you are probably familiar with the lost art of hand scraping. Over time the amount of companies who offer hand scraping as a service have rapidly declined. There are only a handful of places left that can be trusted in performing this service with absolute accuracy and precision. One of these companies is Precision Service MTR in Addsion, IL.

If you’re unfamiliar with the process of hand scraping don’t worry, I am here to explain it to you and it’s importance in making sure you machine lasts as long as possible, while keeping repair and maintenance costs low. Hand scraping uses a scraping tool to remove the high spots and make the bed ways square and parallel, allowing the two mating surfaces oil bearing. Proper oil bearing increases longevity because it creates oil pockets that lubricate the mating ways and helps them pass over each other smoothly. This leads to the ultimate accuracy of your machine tool. To check out a hand scraping demo click here.

It is no secret that if your machine tool is in need of hand scraping, it’s probably not operating at it’s full potential. It is also apparent that the technique of hand scraping is time consuming, tedious, and slightly complex. In other words, it is not something that most companies would want to do themselves.

The best way to bring your machine back to manufacturers tolerance without burning a huge hole in your pocket, is to contact Precision Service MTR and let us fix it for you! We have a highly experienced team of technicians who specialize in this particular service. Our teams skills and expertise is unmatched.

The longer you wait to have your machine cleaned and hand scraped, the worse the tolerances will become; which will cause your machine to continue to produce faulty parts. Once you or the machine operator(s) notice a problem with your machine’s tolerances, you should have it fixed as soon as possible.

The next time your machine is experiencing issues, needs to be cleaned or hand scraped make sure to call 1-800-4-REBUILD and we will make sure to get your machine back to its full operating potential, preventing any further problems from arising due to lack of maintenance.

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