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CNC Maintenance and Repair

Precision Service Machine Tool Rebuilders, Inc. has the expert technicians and innovative solutions necessary to maintain, repair, retrofit, and rebuild all types of metal-cutting machine tools for clients throughout North America.

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Precision Service Machine Tool Rebuilders, Inc. has the expert technicians and innovative solutions necessary to maintain, repair, retrofit, and rebuild all types of metal-cutting machine tools for clients throughout North America. To keep your CNC machines running optimally, our team addresses general wear and helps prevent unexpected downtime and costly delays with preventative maintenance. Alternately, when a problem arises, we respond quickly with field repair services to resolve the issue. Learn more about the benefits of proactive maintenance and how Precision Service MTR can support seamless production with trusted repairs.

Supporting Operations With CNC Maintenance & CNC Repair

CNC machines are an essential part of modern manufacturing. They’re capable of performing numerous tasks that transform raw materials into finished parts and assemblies. Utilizing CNC technology in assembly lines or manufacturing environments allows companies to cut, drill, carve, and shape a workpiece quickly, accurately, and repeatably. The precision components that CNC machines produce would be needlessly difficult or even impossible to generate with manual processes. When CNC machines aren’t working correctly, manufacturers suffer because of unfulfilled orders, missed deadlines, and lost revenue, customers, and reputation. To prevent costly downtime and its consequences, CNC machines require regular inspections as well as preventative care measures. Optimal CNC maintenance will include a physical evaluation of the control panel and each equipment component. Manufacturers should carry out tasks like checking fluid levels daily, whereas other tasks, like cleaning the radiator or testing for contaminants in the hydraulic system, are monthly or yearly tasks, respectively. CNC maintenance commonly involves:
  • Checking coolant levels and concentrations
  • Managing fill levels for lubrication and cooling oils
  • Changing fluids
  • Cleaning surfaces, filters, fans, and other parts or systems
  • Calibrating machinery
  • Maintaining proper alignment for machine tools, tool changers, and full bearings
  • Hand scraping
  • Replacing old, OEM, and aftermarket components, as needed
  • Watching for bacterial growth or contamination in any fluids or systems
  • Performing inspections and testing
Sometimes, however, even being proactive about equipment maintenance isn’t enough. In those cases, typical CNC components that might need repair include:
  • Power supply units
  • Spindle and servo motors and drives
  • Spindle and ball screws
  • Pumps
Whether you’re contacting us for scheduled maintenance, unplanned mechanical or electrical repairs, or rebuilds, Precision Service MTR is here to help.
CNC Maintenance and Repair

CNC Maintenance & Repair at Precision Service MTR

Since 1983, Precision Service MTR has provided an array of services that achieve a higher standard for tool maintenance and repair. We’re dedicated to helping the machining industry operate efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively. Our innovative CNC machine capabilities and onsite services prevent premature wear and damage, restore original operating conditions, and keep your equipment functioning at its best.

Why Precision Service MTR?

With nearly 40 years in business, Precision Service MTR is a trusted name in the machining industry. Our technicians are located throughout the United States and boast more than 1,000 years of combined experience. For your convenience, our team can properly maintain and repair all popular CNC machine brands.

As a family-owned business, we’re committed to offering personalized service; we want to ensure that our customers are always fully satisfied with our work. Also, all of our services come with a 12-month warranty, subject to proper machine operations and maintenance, for peace of mind.


We offer a comprehensive range of services for keeping CNC machines in pristine working condition. These include:

  • Machine tool alignment. Our core competency at Precision Service MTR, CNC machine tool alignment is critical for optimal performance. If you’re experiencing crashed machines or wear and alignment issues, our technicians can help.
  • Hand scraping. With a combined 250 years of scraping experience, we offer unrivaled craftsmanship and accuracy to restore your equipment to its original manufacturer’s tolerance.
  • Machine rebuilding. Restore your equipment to its original mechanical specifications. Our team carefully cleans and inspects your machine, then rebuilds it using new or re-machined components.

Types of Machines for Service

Precision Service MTR works on virtually all machine tools that cut metal. Our highly skilled team can maintain, restore, and repair CNC machinery from well-known brands, including:

  • Bridgeport
  • Doosan
  • Haas
  • Matsuura
  • Mitsubishi
  • Mori Seiki

Our Clients

We serve clients throughout the manufacturing industry, maintaining and repairing machinery for just about anybody who cuts metal, including OEMs. If you’re looking for an alignment specialist or would like to outsource your CNC machine maintenance, our team can help.

Precision Service MTR for Quality CNC Maintenance & Repair

Preventative maintenance is crucial for ensuring that CNC machines operate accurately and reliably. Letting a potential problem go can further damage machining equipment and lead to more significant part or system failures later.

When it comes to essential equipment for your business, you want a trusted expert who can respond quickly for maintenance and repairs. Precision Service MTR is here to support your machining operation with knowledge and dedication you can trust. Contact us today to schedule equipment maintenance or get started on your repair solution.

The proper application of these various way materials provide your machine with the following advantages:

  • Delivers tight tolerances due to geometric precision that aligns components within a millionth of an inch

  • Ensures that the components of a machine’s foundation are mated perfectly for an unparalleled accuracy and longevity

  • Creates ideal flatness, which removes rocking or chattering in parts

  • Develops oil pockets, which hold oil on mated surfaces and reduces sticking

  • Precision Service can restore machine tool geometry and center heights back to original OEM spec onsite at your facility with our 12-month warranty, offering peace of mind.