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Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians have a wide variety of skills ranging from software implementation, hand scraping, electricians and laser alignment technicians. All of whom are ready to travel anywhere in North America (with proper notice) to repair, retrofit, or rebuild equipment.

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There When You Need Us!

When your machine is down, there is no time to waste. Simply make one call to 1-800-4-REBUILD and we will be there to help. Regardless of a job’s complexity, we have what it takes to exceed our customers’ needs. Located in Addison, IL near Chicago, we are in close proximity to several major interstate highways and have easy access to regional airports for a quick trip to wherever you (or your machine) are located. 

Our service technicians have responded to over 1,000 service calls within the last year and a half, making us one of the most successful on-site repair businesses in the nation. Our most common onsite field service visits are conducted as follows:

  1. A Precision Service technician will travel to your facility to inspect your machine

  2. We will then provide a written quote for repair of your machine. This allows you to hold tight tolerances for a fraction of the cost of replacing the machine

  3. If it is deemed necessary, our experienced technicians systematically disassemble your machine

  4. Each component is thoroughly cleaned and de-greased before a careful inspection

  5. Cleaned parts are then inspected by our trained personnel

We offer a wide range of services including

  • Mechanical and electrical field repair service

  • Laser alignment and calibration

  • Installation or relocation / level machine

  • Scrape/align/adjust gibs

  • Spindle taper grinding

  • Hand grinding/harden ways
  • Proactive maintenance

  • Crashed machines

  • Ball screw replacement

  • Laser alignment