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The term “rebuild” refers to a complete overhaul of a machine to its original mechanical specifications. The mechanical components of the machine are cleaned, inspected, and rebuilt using either new or re-machined parts.

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Precision Service technicians are experts in restoring the condition of your machine to its original operating condition. We understand that your machine is an important aspect of your everyday operations. This pushes us to work in a timely manner to repair or rebuild your machine to get it back in action as soon as possible, saving you time and money.

Getting your machine back to full production is simple! Just call Precision Service MTR where honesty is our policy. We will tell you the truth about what needs to be done and provide you with an honest quote. As a family owned and operated business, we are a Service Partner you can trust!

Featured Rebuild Projects


  • Disassemble complete machine
  • Rebuild main and sub spindle

  • Install new linear guides

  • Scrape spots of bed due to rust

  • Precision aligned linear guides square to each other

  • Align turrets to spindle, center lines to new ballscrews

  • Scrape and align new ballscrew brackets on all axis due to rust

  • New lubrication system
  • Install new spindle drive belts
  • Rebuild both turrets

  • Replace hydraulic pump due to leaks

  • Replace hydraulic and coolant hoses

  • Replace seal tight

  • Clean and inspect all drives and boards

  • Paint and reassemble 

Common machine tool repair/rebuild operations Precision Service handles include

  • Replacement of parts

  • Spindle Repair and Rebuild

  • Ball Screw Repair and Replacement

  • Machine/Grind/Scraping

  • Replacement of Linear Way

  • Machine, Grind, Hand scrape, and fit all moving machine surfaces

  • Ensure full bearing and accurate alignment

  • Apply Turcite, Moglice, or Phenolic

  • Replace Lubrication for longevity of the ways surfaces

  • Final testing and inspection

  • Test run to new machine standards