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One of the most common ways to damage a machine is by neglecting to perform preventative maintenance. Our goal is to prevent this damage to cease unknown damage already occurring.

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Even The Most Reliable Machines Wear Down

Over time machines wear down from a number of different factors. The first of these being normal wear. This occurs when machines are being used consistently and get dirty or develop other minor issues. The next factor is premature wear from lack of maintenance. This is the most preventable issue for machines, if you make sure to perform maintenance regularly. The final factor is premature wear from not taking care of the machine. This can end up being the most costly because it can cause issues that need to be repaired regularly.

We suggest getting your machine inspected every year, however your maintenance book will suggest how often you should get an inspection based on how many hours the machine is ran each year. All of these issues can be completely avoided by performing regular preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance can include (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Change fluids

  • Clean filters

  • Check alignments

  • Check automatic tool changer alignments

  • Ensure full bearing and accurate alignment

  • Apply Turcite, Moglice, or Phenolic

  • Replace Lubrication for longevity of the ways surfaces

  • Final testing and inspection

  • Test run to new machine standards