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Common Reasons for Machine Tool Crashes

Machine tools often crash when either a workpiece or cutting tool hits the machine or another object, causing damage to workpieces, tooling, or machines in the process. This type of damage is often extensive and can result in breakdowns and costly downtime, along with other expenses for replacing or repairing tools and parts. 

Some of the most common causes of these types of machine crashes include tooling issues, errors in machine programming, poor or inadequate maintenance, and machine malfunctions.

Operating & Programming Errors

Programming errors can happen when a machine is not properly programmed, or they can result from operator errors, such as typos and other inaccuracies. Examples of common operating errors include offset changes, coding errors such as mixing up roughing and finishing processes, and adding a decimal point in the wrong place. Improper programming includes everything from incorrect feed rate and spindle speed to inaccurate tool selection and cutting depth.

Tooling Problems

In addition to operating and programming issues, CNC machine crashes can also be caused by tooling problems. These issues may arise when using the incorrect tool for a specific job or  when using a cutting tool with too much damage or wear.

Common tooling problem include:

  • Broken or dull cutting tools
  • Incorrect tool inserts or holders
  • Incorrect diameter or length of tooling

Maintenance Issues

Maintenance problems can also cause CNC and lathe machine crashes. This typically happens when businesses fail to perform regular maintenance checks or replace worn parts as needed. While many might claim that a crash results from poor maintenance, these types of issues aren’t as common as tooling, operating, and programming issues.

Some common maintenance problems that might cause machine tool crashes include the following:

  • Clogged and dirty filters
  • Bearings with too much wear or damage
  • Screws or bolts that are too loose
  • Inaccurate confirmation of backlash and comp values

Machine Malfunctions

Sometimes machines may experience certain technical issues that compromise the machinery, such as breakdowns in specific systems or parts within the equipment. While they can cause crashes, they’re not as commonplace as the first two causes listed above. 

Examples of machine malfunctions that could lead to machine tool crashes include:

  • Coolant system problems
  • Spindle issues
  • Issues with axis movement

Get the Services You Need to Avoid Machine Tool Crashes

Machine tool crashes can be caused by a variety of reasons, including operating and program errors, tooling problems, poor maintenance, and equipment malfunctions. To avoid unexpected downtime and costly repairs or replacements, it’s important to pay close attention to how your machinery is performing. By taking the necessary steps to avoid machine tool crashes, you can save time and money while preventing potential damage or injuries. 

Solutions like regular maintenance, thorough training, responsible operation, and careful programming can help minimize the risk of machine tool crashes. At Precision Service MTR, we’ve been helping businesses keep their machines in excellent working condition for over three decades. We provide services such as preventive maintenance, equipment rebuilds, laser alignment, on-site field services, and more to extend the life of your machines while enhancing efficiency.

For more information about how our services can help prevent machine tool crashes in your facility, contact the experts at Precision Service MTR today.